Lumos Circles

Exploring Our Inner Being Together For Healing and Transformation.
Lead by Cathy Black




Meditations + Retreats: $50-$100 per month (sliding scale)

Lumos Circles provide a supportive community of dedicated individuals who are seeking deeper personal/spiritual awareness and expression. We work in small group format, no more than 8 individuals. Through meditations and retreats we cultivate states of deeper being and presence, sharpen our intuition practice, and listen and respond to what is needed for ourselves and our expression in the world. We also work with the healing process as an intuitive and energetic spiritual journey. These groups combine the best of inner work and interactive connections with others – creating a supportive culture of healing and transformation, both personally and together.People can join from anywhere in the world because of  Zoom at this time. Contact Cathy to form a new circle, and bring your friends!
Overview of the Program

Group Meditations and Retreats: Once a group has started, each person makes a 3-month commitment to the process. We meet once a week for regular weekly meditations on Zoom, and once a month for a 3-hour retreat. Please reserve an hour for the weekly meditations so we can also debrief after the meditation. These are for continuity of spiritual practice, individual healing, and working with the world field. The monthly 3-hour retreats are offered in hybrid format. We focus on more in-depth personal processes based on a specific theme of the weekend. Dates and times are determined once the group forms. 

Open Meditations: Monday night live meditations and first Saturday Meditation Mini-Retreats are always available to supplement your meditation practice.

Journaling: I recommend keeping a journal and art pad to keep track of personal process, dreams, and the coursework. It could be a physical or digital journal. I recommend the ‘Day 1’ app, for use on phones and computers.

Individual Energy Sessions: These are available to anyone in the Circle as support for the spiritual and personal process. I can do them in person or on Zoom. 

Meditations & Retreats

Each Circle has a 3-month commitment. Each monthly session includes weekly meditations and a 3-hour retreat. You may pay for all three months in advance, or by the month. Thank you!
Sliding Scale:

Individual Energy Sessions

One-to-one intuitive presence sessions to support you with subtle touch, meditation, movement, and awareness exercises.

Sliding Scale: