The River’s Way is an intuitive exploration of spirituality. It is an honoring, a way  to be present with your own innate spiritual experience. What is your truth? Not an external narration of truth, but an inward knowing, grounded in surrender to something you come to trust from your own direct experience. This is your guide on the spiritual path.The journey begins with the Inner Life and how to be present to yourself, to your essence. You take the time to be still and listen within, attune to subtle energy, explore the transformational process and healing that may reveal more of your essential nature. Sometimes this is a solitary journey, and sometimes you open to receive the support of others.Finally, you explore how the expression of essence through presence and intuition can manifest in your work or service. Opening to a deep and authentic connection with yourself and others becomes the springboard for your walk in the world.Facilitated by Cathy Black, M.A.