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Lumos Center offers programs that support a deeper awakening of embodied presence for individuals and groups. Events are facilitated by Cathy Black through a variety of meditation, movement, and subtle energy healing classes. We also use art, writing, labyrinth walks, and other expressive modalities to reveal and honor our unique expressions.  All programs are designed to encourage growth and healing for body, heart, and spirit – to support inner peace and knowing of oneself more deeply. Cathy facilitates with an intuitive and energetically sensitive awareness of individuals and the group that brings an aliveness and relevance to the teachings.

Lumos programs provide for individual and group learning environments.  When it is time to focus on the inner life, retreats and personal sessions are available to go deep within and listen to the subtle cues of the self. When a group focuses together, as in a meditation, retreat, or workshop setting, there is support to listen to the self more deeply and to act authentically from an embodied presence.  Feedback from the group environment helps us to understand ourselves in community and gives meaning to our social expression and service. 

Most events are held at TaoSatva, a beautiful dance and healing arts facility in Taos, New Mexico. Some classes are also offered at the Santa Fe School of Massage in Santa Fe.


Cathy Rae Black, M.A.

Cathy Rae Black, M.A.

Cathy began working with healing, massage, and meditation in 1980. She has worked with individuals and groups in Intuitive Massage and Intuitive Presence, including the Healing Quality of Touch and Subtle Body at the Santa Fe School of Massage in New Mexico. Intuitive Presence is the work that has evolved out of almost 40 years of meditation practice, private practice in Intuitive Massage and Healing, and 33 years of teaching experience. Currently, her Intuitive Presence trainings, meditations, and advanced classes support people to incorporate an energetically sensitive touch and deeper awareness of Self in their lives and work.

Cathy is co-owner with her husband Keith Spear, of the Santa Fe School of Massage, and TaoSatva dance and healing arts center.  She is a minister in the Unity of All Life and graduated with a Master’s degree in Intuitive Healing and Facilitation from Lesley University. She currently focuses her practice and teaching on meditation groups, and classes for cultivating intuitive presence and subtle energy awareness. She and Keith live in Taos, NM on the banks of the magical Rio Pueblo.




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