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Taos Mountian, Taos, New Mexico

A journey of Self-discovery and Awakening, spiritual retreats provide individual attention and supportive, small group connection. You will focus on deepening your spiritual awareness, navigating the personal transformational processes you are in, and encouraging the expression and service that naturally unfold. We will follow themes: rhythms of the seasons, of awareness and growth, of those that naturally emerge from the group itself. You will use various tools and modalities to support these processes, including meditation, creative arts, movement, and Intuitive Presence energy work.  

New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment for a reason, and Taos is one of its magical gems. The light is special here and brings a rarefied clarity to anyone passing through. The nature here offers a natural expansion and ability to see new possibilities. Taos mountain is legendary for its magnetic quality, its way of supporting people through powerful transformation and then nudging them back into the world to share what has been learned. It is the perfect home for the works of Lumos Center. It is the perfect place for your healing and growth.

One Day Retreats - The Winter Series

One day personal retreats offer sacred space for individual reflection, healing, and Self-discovery. Cathy brings her love of spiritual retreat and intuitive guidance to individuals and each group that gathers. We explore through a variety of modalities such as meditation, movement, healing, writing, drawing, processing and sharing time.

At this time, we are offering hybrid in-person and online opportunities. You can choose to come in person or be online. In-person means coming to Taos to our spiritual retreat center – TaoSatva. We will be following our state protocols for Covid-19 safety at that time. If it does not seem safe enough to meet in person, these retreats will revert to an online only format.

Online means you are on Zoom while you attend from your own space.

Wrap up in your cozy self. Learn what helps you fill up and be nurtured in body, heart, and spirit. 
Saturday, January 29, 2022
10am-3:30pm MST
Online only

Explore the relationship between transformation and healing and how you can be more at peace with change.
Saturday, February 19, 2022
10am-3:30pm MST
Hybrid Format Retreat (in person and online together)

Emerging from the cocoon of winter into spring, we play with the energies of flow in ourselves and our lives.
Saturday, March 19, 2022
10am-3:30pm MST
Hybrid Format Retreat (in person and online together)

Email: info@lumoscenter.com for more details and registration information.

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