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Lumos Journey

A journey of Self-discovery and awakening. This format provides individual attention and supportive, small group connection over a period of time. We focus on deepening one’s spiritual awareness, navigating the personal transformational processes we are in, and encouraging the expression and service that naturally unfold. We follow themes of the seasons, of awareness and growth, and those that naturally emerge from the group itself. We use any number of modalities to support these processes as facilitated intuitively with Cathy, including Intuitive Presence energy work, meditation, and movement.

Lumos Samplers

A Sampler of Lumos Center Offerings

Time to refresh and rejuvenate together. Each day will have a theme, such as Transformation, or Joy, or Live Your Light, or…  to discover even more of our core inner nature and authentic human expression. We explore through any number of mediums, including meditation, improv dance, sharing, writing, drawing, healing modalities and touch, and simply following our rhythms.  Cathy will be working with the group and individuals with an intuitive approach. This is a good pre-requisite if you are interested in other Lumos Journey programs.

From 10am-4pm on a Saturday or Sunday $50
Contact Cathy Black for current schedule: (575) 770-0472

One Year Advanced Retreats

This day retreat format provides individual attention with a supportive, small group connection over a period of time. To create familiarity and safety, this program has a one-year commitment, one full day a month with an optional overnight. Participants sign up for a minimum of 4 months, allowing for flexibility within our busy lives and still maintaining the integrity of the group. Payment is based on number of retreat days attended. Held at TaoSatva Center.

Lodging is separate.

Pre-requisite: Participants must have completed at least 50 hours of the Intuitive Presence training, or 1 Intensive.

January 19 9am-5pm
February 16 9am-5pm
March 16 9am-5pm
April 20 9am-5pm
May 18 9am-5pm
June 15 9am-5pm
July 13 9am-5pm
August 17 9am-5pm
September 21 9am-5pm
October 19 9am-5pm
November 9 9am-5pm
December 14 9am-5pm


Individual and small group intensive retreats can be scheduled with Cathy.  These retreats are usually held from Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon and are tailored to meet the needs of your particular group. Times and dates will be arranged as needed.
Intensives offer time for individual and group reflection, and healing through meditation, movement and processing time.  Lodging is separate, and there are some special low cost opportunities for accommodations for each event.

Held at TaoSatva Center
One evening and 3 consecutive full days
Lodging is separate.

Dates and times to be arranged.  Email info@lumoscenter.com for reservations.




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