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A journey of Self-discovery and awakening. These retreats provide individual attention and small group support for going deep into one’s spiritual awareness, personal transformation, and encouraging the expression and service that naturally emerges. We follow themes of awareness and growth, and those that naturally emerge from the group itself, like Live your Light, Process of Transformation, Finding Source, the Intuitive Pathway, Relaxation and Receptivity. Offered in one-day retreat and intensive formats.


Live meditations every week

Time for inner focus and awareness. Cathy offers live streaming and archived web meditations as well as small group local meditations in Taos. Her primary focus is on following subtle energy through the meditation and offers both guided and silent formats.

Intuitive Presence is a subtle energy approach for those who wish to deepen intuition and the power of presence in their bodywork and their lives. Cathy offers three introductory workshops to acquaint bodyworkers or lay-persons with this simple, direct approach to hands-on subtle energy work. 

The 50-hour basic training is an exciting journey that invites the depth of one’s inner life to find creative and meaningful expression through subtle energywork and touch. We use simple touch, meditation, and awareness exercises to cultivate intuition and deeper presence. By awakening consciousness for the cultivation of intuition and subtle awareness, participants will gain skills that expand their experience and understanding of intuitive presence and healing processes.

Intuitive Presence Energy Clinics offer 1/2 hour individual sessions within a group setting. Clinics are offered in Santa Fe at the Community Yoga Center or in Taos at TaoSatva.

Individual Intuitive Presence sessions with Cathy enhance awareness and actualization of your core spiritual nature and self-expression. Through touch and subtle body energywork,  individuals are able to relax, receive, and allow their own awakening to naturally occur. 

Labyrinths provide an unconditional pathway of meditative walking. Labyrinths provide a single pathway in and a single pathway out. The linear mind relaxes as we put one step in front of the other, knowing the path is provided, Intuition and insight have the opportunity to surface through this ancient art. Cathy is a member of VIA: Veriditas International Association of Professionally Trained Labyrinth Facilitators.  She trained with Lauren Artress in 2012 and offers Labyrinth Walks at TaoSatva on the indoor canvas or at various other outdoor labyrinths. 



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