A healing space for awakening


Flow is the natural sense we feel when living from greater connection to our inner Self, from essence. Flow is also a quality we can experience between our inner world and our outer life – when what is inside of us is dancing with the outer world, and the outer world is inspiring us.

One way to find that connected flow is to follow the Intuitive Pathway. Navigating with intuition opens the potential of the unified field of consciousness in front of us. Life can unfold in harmony with our deepest self, and we gain greater acceptance and trust in the healing nature of the transformational process. 


  • 5.5 hour retreat
  • Group meditation session
  • Exercises to directly experience and have greater understanding of the Flow Principle

What we will explore:

  • Individual experiences of flow
  • What factors support or hinder experience of flow
  • The Intuitive Pathway and relation to flow

There are 6 spots available for in-person attendance at TaoSatva, our retreat center in Taos. Unlimited online attendance on Zoom.

Once you register and pay for the retreat, Cathy will contact you with details. Call or write her if you have any questions about the retreat or registration.

📞 575-770-0472
✉️ info@lumoscenter.com

Your Facilitator

Picture of Cathy Rae Black, M.A.

Cathy Rae Black, M.A.

My own spiritual journey led me to explore different paths and teachings, and to eventually trust my intuition and direct experiences of consciousness. Over my years of teaching massage and healing work, I learned that I love holding space for people – a field of conscious, loving presence. Whether it be in meditations, spiritual retreats, or intuition and energy work trainings, I am here to support people to deepen the awareness of their own spiritual connection, and to actualize their spiritual potential in the world. Gathering in group retreats where we explore consciousness together is the perfect opportunity for these transformative times.

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