And here we are…

at the end of January in 2018.  Shall I catch you up?

We have been and still are meditating. Each night has been a different focus, not because I intended to do that, but because the energy of the night and the people who are there determine the nature of the connection.  We have come to enjoy sharing with one another, sometimes before, sometimes after.  Sometimes I lead the meditation, but most of them are in silence. Within that silence there is so much awareness. So much to awaken to from within.  It’s been wonderful.

We had a Gratitude Day and  Winter Solstice Labyrinth walk indoors.  I trained with Lauren Artress in facilitating the walk about 5 years ago because the labyrinth is a powerful tool for me. It slows down my linear mind, sets my open heart free. We were indoors with the canvas labyrinth, walking, sitting, communing, sharing food in gratitude, silent in the dark, walking with candlelight on the Winter Solstice.

And so in this new year, we continue to meditate on Thursday nights through mid-February. I am scheduling the meditations in packets of time, 6 weeks here, 4 weeks there. I never know what is coming anymore.  I plan as well as I can, attuning to the calendar of TaoSatva, the inner voice of what I am inspired and able to do. And now Gatherings, forums for sharing and restoring and communing together.  February 10. A Saturday, 10-3.

One of my favorite ways to facilitate is to listen to the mood, the needs, the energy of a group, intuit each step through the day through presence rather than an agenda. I appreciate structure, but listening and responding to the moment is harmonious and creative, the life force in motion in each of us. It is a way to deepen awareness of consciousness, follow the organic rhythms of each of us, of the group. And to do it together.

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